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Eric Bezzam

From the Bay Area (California) but currently based in Lausanne. Passionate about signal processing, audio/music, and teaching.

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About me

As of September 2020, I am a PhD student at EPFL (Switzerland).

Previously, I was a signal processing engineer in the Sonos Voice Experience Team, formerly Snips (acquired November 2019). Before I was at EPFL, where I did my Masters and was a research assistant for the Audiovisual Communications Laboratory of Prof. Martin Vetterli. At EPFL, I worked on pyroomacoustics and helped develop a DSP lab module, which is now part of EPFL’s signal processing course on Coursera.

I have done internships in the Silicon Valley (where I am originally from) with DSP Concepts and in Germany (where I did my Bachelors) at Fraunhofer IDMT.

I love teaching and event organizing, which I have done extensively with LauzHack. Helping others have that “lightbulb” moment motivates me as an educator and researcher.